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Hotel Booking is a Bear

But It Doesn’t have to Be


Let us do it for you

Save money, Time, and Get Insider Guidance


Hotels Bid for Your Business

We send out bids to select hotels curated for your event needs.

We Manage Contracting

We negotiate the best possible arrangement on your behalf.

It Costs You Nothing!

We get paid by the hotel you book with, so our incentives are always aligned.

We Lead the Way

We will be your liaison between you and the hotel, guiding you every step of the way.


What's the Fine Print?

If this feels like a no brainer, it’s because….it is. We have relationships directly with the hotels, allowing us to get you access to the rooms you need, minus the run-around. The best part? Our fees get paid through the hotels. You get 100% of the upside, and none of the risk. (It sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it?)
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What We’ll Do For You


When we manage your hotel block, we can clear more than just logistics from your plate:

  • We negotiate the fine print

  • Hotels compete for your bid, so you get the best rates

  • We maximize contract concessions

  • We increase or decrease block when needed

  • Manage changes to rooming lists

  • We monitor the cut-off deadline and handle any deposit requirements

  • We set up concession assignments for VIPs (suite upgrades, welcome amenities, etc)

  • We prep hotel to optimize for check-in or check out crowds

  • Check for duplicate or erroneous reservations


We're Hotel People

With roots in hospitality, we're fluent in hotel

We love hotels. We love staying in hotels, we love collaborating with hotels, we loved working in hotels. Prior to opening Bash Creative, our founding team had a combined 20 years of experience working at groups like Starwood Resorts & Hotels and Marriott International. It’s safe to say we know just about everything there is to know about ins and outs of hotels.
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Ready to Hand Off Your Hotel Block?