We thrive on pairing our love
for bright ideas with our roots
in distinguished details.

The Bash Creative team was founded on the belief that a truly great event, when set up thoughtfully, is a powerful catalyst for compelling conversations, purposeful connections, and taking care of business. We believe these kinds of transformative events don’t just happen. They are created.

This is our sweet spot: powerful gatherings,
backed by smart goals, served up with stylish details.


More Than a Corporate Conference,
We Build a Bash

Building these meaningful, powerful experiences didn’t come overnight. Our team is led by two ambitious industry veterans, who have spent the last 30+ years discovering what makes an event transform into a bash.


AnnaLee Hagood-Earl



+ Annalee brings a skillful eye for no-nonsense event planning and production while being known in the industry for bringing laughter and enthusiasm into every project.

Annalee threw her first event at the age of eight: a surprise party for her single mom at her local pool complete with assigned side dishes, personalized invitations, and a Domino’s Bigfoot Pizza. It has been her life’s calling ever since.

Annalee acts as the Bash Creative lead to non-profit clients, bringing their vision to life on an attainable budget. Since founding Bash Creative in 2014, helped dozens of brands ranging from fundraising events with non-profits like Episcopal Community Services to conferences for companies like DocuSign and Prometheus Real Estate.

Annalee's foundation is steeped in hospitality and great customer service, having spent the first 13 years of her career in Event Planning and Sales with global hotel groups. After working with Bash Creative, don’t be surprised if you find yourself at Annalee’s house, tucking into a glass of wine like old friends.

DaniellE Leeke



+ Danielle’s true strength across her career is her blend of refined taste and roll-up-her-sleeves attitude to pull events off without a hitch.

Raised on a fifth-generation cattle ranch, Danielle has hard work in her veins. She came of age understanding that life and work can be beautifully intertwined.

She comes to the Bash Creative team with an extensive background in luxury events, having 15 years of experience managing large scale teams, bringing creativity and thoughtful touches to shows.

Danielle brings her signature blend of cosmopolitan sensibilities and hard working attitude for brands such as L’Oreal, Zendesk, and DocuSign. Clients love that she is uniquely qualified to anticipate needs and take care of business.


JOYCE Alexander


Bash Creative - Joyce

+Joyce’s high energy spirit and assiduous work ethic keep the day-to-day operations dialed in and running efficiently for our bi-coastal, sometimes international, team.

She seamlessly maneuvers all aspects of supporting our internal operations; whether it is researching custom maracas, finalizing billing, or anticipating team hunger levels (all equally important!), and does so without missing a beat. Her grace and poise are the perfect glue that keep the business of Bash together.

Carolyn Edgecomb


Caroline Edgecomb - Associate Producer - Bash Creative

+Carolyn’s infectious enthusiasm for events combined with her mad graphic design skills gives her a unique perspective on the big picture and an eye for the details.

She began her career as a graphic designer in NYC developing brand and packaging for national CPG brands, including Heinz, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and Red Vines.

After moving to SF, combined her design expertise with her passion for cooking and hosting. This adventure resulted in a robust career in food and hospitality, as a food stylist, catering manager, venue manager, wedding planner — each positio offering insight into this multifaceted industry and her place in it. She is highly adaptive, resourceful, and thrives facing new challenges for our clients!




+ It doesn’t take long to learn that no task is too small or too large for Miranda to tackle first-hand.

Miranda comes to Bash Creative as a versatile and creative business leader with a mix of over nine years of experience in corporate, social, and non-profit events.

Her Chicago roots give her a "telling it like it is" vibe that is consistently one step ahead of our clients.

Miranda is passionate about building strong relationships and leading world-class events to achieve unprecedented levels of success in value and engagement for her clients.

Values that drive relationships

Perceptive &



Diligence with Enthusiasm

We love big, dazzling ideas. But we live to expertly translate big ideas into viable, meaningful experiences.

We’re relationship-first people. Which means we always show and tell our clients every part of the process. We don’t hide costs, or well, anything.

We’ve helped scores of daring global brands and savvy startups with events from high-powered hospitality lounges to transformative sessions.

We believe in a roll-up-your sleeves kind of work ethic, paired with a smile. We like projects that are just as enjoyable as they are successful.


Dreaming of something delightful?

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