Hiring Event Planning Companies in Chicago, What You Need To Know

Hiring event planning companies in Chicago presents a specific challenge — Chicago is a town like no other, with specific nuances and challenges that not just any corporate event planner can get right the first time. When looking for top event planning companies in Chicago, these are things you should look out for:


Hire a Planning Team that Understands Local Fees

Local Fees are different in every city, and Chicago events can have as much as a 12 - 20% increase just based on local fees. When working with corporate event planning companies, look for one that understands how the Chicago Hotel Taxes work, since they’re different from other major cities like San Francisco and New York. A good event planner will be able to understand the specific fees you face in Chicago and layer those into your budget so your team doesn’t have surprise overages post event.

Event Planning In Chicago is more Competitive

Chicago present specific challenges with planners in that there are fewer rental or decor vendors when compared to other major markets like Austin, Seattle, San Francisco or New York. What this means is that when planning a special event, teams can get caught off guard at either the competition to get great rentals, or the increased price due to demand when you are bringing them in from another major market.

Top event planning companies in Chicago should be not only familiar with this challenge, but creative planners will be ready to roll up their sleeves for out-of-the-box solutions when it comes to facing limited vendor supply but still building meaningful and powerful events in this city.


Chicago is a Union Heavy City

Similar to San Francisco, Chicago is a city that leverages unions, which plays a big role in how events can play out. This means that you will likely have to hire union workers for AV or lighting, and there are often regulated fees, breaks, meals and other important details that come into effect. Before hiring corporate event planners in Chicago, make sure they have an understanding of how working with unions this can affect their role in the project, as well as the budget impact.

The company you hire will be an extension of your company, so make sure that their style matches your own when it comes to potential negotiations and helping to avoid conflict.

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